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"They listened, really listened"

"We had been using the same company for some years but they just didn't seem to hear us anymore.  The consultant at Choice really listened" 


Choice cover all aspects of IT technology, infrastructure and procurement in the business environment. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that we will listen, advise and ultimately help you reach your goal of streamlining your business communications resulting in advanced mobility, unified communication solutions and all within your present spend. Whether you need a simple consultation or an entirely new solution, Choice are ready and able to help you.

In Meeting

Every single business and their needs are completely unique; just as every solution is, which is why our highly experienced consultants will have in-depth conversations with you until we are positive we fully understand your needs.  We will not advise on any new strategy until we are 100% confident in its ability and to ensure we get it right first time, we follow a very simple process

  • We will meet with key stakeholders and end users to establish the business requirements and any current issues, along with auditing your existing infrastructure / suppliers / usage to understand the current position.

  • We will take you on the journey of embracing the new technologies and will help you evolve the old technology with the new, it doesn’t have to be a big bang approach.

  • We will consider the best options for bridging those gaps from both a financial and non-financial perspective.

  • We will ascertain the optimum way forward for each gap and formulate a fully comprehensive plan to share with you the outcome of our analysis and recommendations for moving forward.

  • We will programme manager the deployment with the suppliers and help you negotiate such resource with the chosen suppliers.

  • Our strategic recommendations will also be presented with a budgetary forecast and a suggested project plan so that you are in full possession of the entire strategy from conception to completion.

Meeting Room

Choice can partner with your organisation to create a range of ICT strategies, including Digital Strategy, IT and Technology Strategy, Technology Specific Strategy and of course Procurement Strategy.  We are experienced, knowledgeable and above all, understand that your business is completely unique and that effective communications are crucial, so you can be assured that the strategy we will design for you will be a perfect and bespoke fit for your business.

As a result of carrying out voice communications reviews we have helped clients:

Reduce the costs of calls by using new features on the latest switches
Reduce the cost of mobile calls
Make it easier to have home workers
Improve their customer service by ensuring that it is easy for them to pick up messages left by customers (both vmail and email)
Increase collaboration between your staff to drive efficiency
Reduce the costs of calls by using new features on the latest switches
Keep existing legacy PBXs at the network edge to minimise upgrade costs
Reduce the risk associated with out-dated technology

Discussing the Numbers

“The voice communications review will help you identify what you need from a communications solution to meet your current and future business requirements along with a roadmap as to how you can achieve this. Is there anything else you would like to achieve?

To maximise the benefit to you, it is best if you could have someone from your IT department, along with perhaps finance/operations to ensure we have a full understanding of what your needs are. Do you have someone in mind that could fulfil this role?

When would be the best time to carry out this review?”

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