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"Simply put, its perfect"

"We run a very bespoke business; our needs are very specific and we weren't sure we would be able to find a programme to service them.  Our consultant found us the perfect solution"

Programme Management

Choice believe that the most important service we can give to our clients is to listen.  We will ask you to tell us all that you are looking for from a system, how to navigate it, what you want it to achieve and how you may want it to develop over time.  With this in mind, we will then assess your current position and carry out a full audit so that we can create a baseline to work from and then, via consultation, we can build the perfect system for your current and future requirements.

Hands on Computer Keyboard

Every single programme we develop and manage is entirely bespoke to your requirements but the following fundamentals, unless specifically not desired, are always included:

  • Meeting management (agendas, minutes, supporting papers etc.)

  • Financial management (budgets and forecasts)

  • Timescale management (project plan)

  • Log management (actions, issues, risks, questions etc.)

  • Supplier supervision

  • User acceptance testing (definition and witnessing)

  • Migration planning

  • Consultancy to address issues as when they arise

  • Assistance with the installation of Telephone systems

  • Assistance with the installation of PCs

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Auditing your current deployment is an essential part of the process for several reasons.  We can see how your currently work and what issues this raises for you. We can take an itinerary of your current systems and see how they may be deployed into your new management, keeping the spend down. We can observe the day to day running of your business, meet staff and really get a feel for the ethos of the company so that we may incorporate it into the new programme management.  The audit that we will perform will include all of the following:

  • Telephone extensions

  • Telephone systems

  • PCs and printers

  • LAN hardware

  • Wiring centre cabinets

  • Network services (exchange lines, ISDN circuits etc.)

  • Service contracts

  • Maintenance contracts

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